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Have been rewatching Who from the start this last week or so (well, not the start, start). Somehow with this show I always manage to love the Doctor a little bit more each time. Several episodes have had me in a sobbing mess...again. Actually I think I cry more now than when I first watched these eps.




And while we're at it, damn you Ten, and Jack, and Donna, and Pompeii, and Adelaide Brooke, and the fucking Ood.....

Maybe it's just me being a little over emotional at the moment, mixed with watching a couple of the sadder eps on my own at night after hubby has gone to bed, or just the fact we are only two weeks away from another regeneration, but damn! Seriously, tears dripping off the jawline is not a good look.

I know I will miss Eleven, but I still continue to love Nine and Ten more and more, and know it will be the same with Twelve. It may be a masochistic streak in me, but I am really hoping for an emotional goodbye for Eleven. Fuck it, I just finished watching The End of Time and bawled, and that's with my second favourite Doctor. If Eleven doesn't make me cry there's something wrong, considering I have always loved him more because of the emotion he evokes.

I have spent the last few months since the announcement not ready, but apparently getting myself in an emotional mess on a Who rewatch was just the thing to start to face up to the Christmas special, which is coming fast. Only another two weeks.

I avoided all things Who for months, but now have just two weeks left to wrap myself up in a rewatch of Eleven before it's time to say goodbye.

I'm maybe still not ready...but


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