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Time of The Doctor

I sent hubby to bed and sat up late to watch the Doctor Who Christmas Special last night. Still getting my thoughts together. I wasn't ready, I cried...a lot...

It wasn't what I was expecting, but was a wonderful goodbye none the less. It was a grand exit, and I think I was expecting something smaller. Not sure why, but think ever since the Name of The Doctor I was expecting Eleven to go out saving Clara as she had saved him so many times before and indeed saved him again. I love that he wanted to keep her safe, that last small victory. I loved that he bowed out gracefully, anything less would not have been Eleven.

Fighting monsters and fixing children's toys, the perfect mix for the Doctor. The old man, the warrior, the beautiful idiot with his childish wonder and antics covering so much pain and darkness. Everything that has made me adore Matt's Doctor, and confirmation before he went that Gallifrey was saved.

Mofffat certainly tried to tie up many of the loose ends for Eleven's era. There was maybe a lot crammed into the hour ep, will probably have to wait until the emotion of saying goodbye to Eleven settles before deciding how well everything worked. Maybe it would have been nicer to have an extra half hour, or maybe it was right just how it was. I was so excited when the crack appeared though. Eleven coming full circle, knowing it wouldn't just be gone after he rebooted the universe.

Clara was wonderful as always. Tasha was intruiging. Handles!!! All the monsters that had been part of Eleven's era. So much about the ep that was amazing.

I loved his reaction to Handles naming the planet as Gallifrey. Despite the events of the 50th there is still so much pain there. Even if he did save Gallifrey, his home is still gone. He still has those 400 years of believing he had burned everything, and he still doesn't know if he will ever be able to see that red sky and the second sun rising over the mountains again. It was a perfect reaction.

There were so many moments I loved. Handles dying made me cry. Watching the young boy waiting for him to come back. Trying to keep Clara safe, knowing he would have had to bury her if she had stayed. The timelords sending him another set of regenerations. And of course, the regeneration itself.

Oh, I started crying before it even begun, and didn't stop. This is the first regeneration I have watched live. I started New!Who with Eleven, and he is my Doctor, it was a double whammy. The burst of regeneration energy destroying the daleks, the pile of his old clothes, the shot of his boots before seeing him young again. His speech, accepting it was his end and time for the Doctor to come, but that he would never forget who he had been. And the tie, oh pulling that tie off and letting it fall, it was a beautiful shot and utterly, utterly heartbreaking. It left me sobbing even harder, the perfect way to symbolise Eleven's end. I was completely spoiler free and had no idea Amy would appear. Raggedy man, goodnight. It was beautiful, everything about his leaving was beautiful, graceful, accepting, hopeful, fond and nostalgic. And then, so suddenly, he was gone.

As always, a goodbye is followed by hello. I'm looking forward to seeing who Twelve will be. Though also happy it will be some months away before we find out. TIme to let go of Matt's Doctor, to say goodbye and remember.

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