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It is so strange doing a fandom challenge from the artist side. Certainly makes me appreciate the wonderful artists I had last time I did the DCBB and spngenBB! I'm so much more confident with my writing than my still new Photoshop skills. Not that I have written a word for months, so maybe the confidence is lagging there a little as well. I feel guilty for not being a better artist so I could actually draw one of the scenes from the fic my author is writing *pulls out hair* Her fic is wonderful. It's word porn, and my art offerings will not do it justice *flails in self indulgent panic* Plus she is pinch hitting the fic for me, which makes me want to do more for her just to say thank you...

On the upside, I have an urge to actually write something after reading her fic, if I can just settle on an idea, or even a fandom to write in *sighs* maybe I can just do some PWP...again, if I can settle on a fandom!!!

*wanders off to grumble where no one can hear me*

Tags: facepalm, kim is being random, long winded rambling, this is me muttering to myself, warning: pointlessness ahead, what?...i'm so not procrastinating
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