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11 July 2015 @ 10:53 am
I really don't know what happened when I renewed my LJ account awhile back, but it deleted the names of most of my user pics. Not only do I need to rename them all (I have 190, its a lot to rename!) but it reverted all the icons used on my posts etc to the default icon because the names where no longer valid....

It's really annoying, especially as I have been too lazy to fix it all....*stomps foot and pouts*

ah, first world problems....
06 July 2015 @ 11:12 pm
This first vid makes me remember why I shouldn't watch Erik/Charles vids. Too damn many feels...perfectly idiotic twits should get their shit together, they are the shippist ship marvel has ever set sail...(okay I also say that about Bucky and Steve, but with Erik and Charles, it's just so damn obvious...)

And its an all marvel characters lovefest...I've had this song stuck in my head for a week. Just so much to love...

All the feels, and yes I am obviously still lost in marvel fandom, so many good fics to read, so little time. I am doing the July Camp nanowrimo at the moment though, actually managed to write 5500 words of original fic in the last few days, so yay!!!
09 June 2015 @ 08:18 pm
I thought, yeah okay, I'll check out The 100. Need a bit of a filler show in the off season. But fuck, this show does not pull its punches. I knew next to nothing about the show except it was on the CW, and I was very much guilty of judging a book by its cover (or network I guess, which is probably odd given I watch half a dozen other shows on CW), but 100% not what I was expecting. Season two was emotional and brutal, a whole new beast that come a hell of a long way from its first few episodes and turned into a pretty damn awesome show.

So yeah, that was my long weekend, mainlining The 100.
12 May 2015 @ 09:38 pm
Title: Like Shadows On A Wall
Author: fate_incomplete
Rating: R
Warnings: Sex, angst, mostly PWP, mentions of PTSD, Bucky has issues
Spoilers: One very mild mention (one sentence) of the first scene of Age of Ultron unrelated to the movie plot, which if you haven't seen the movie you probably won't even pick up
Characters: Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers
Word Count: 2,990
Summary: Most days Bucky is fine. Some days he can’t sleep though, and feels like a ghost, fractured, with only pieces of himself left. Some days, anger is the only thing that keeps him going. Anger, Steve, and maybe something he never dared hope to have for himself. Can the boy who went to war, so long ago, ever really find a way home?

A/N: In my mind this is set some point after the first scene of AoU, though really it could be any time, with no spoilers for the Movie. Also, angsty porn...so much fun to write.

The shadows shift and warp, painting half formed and forgotten images on the wall...Collapse )
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10 May 2015 @ 01:55 pm
It has been so long since I felt like this writing, can actually feel the words, the emotion of it. Fuck I have missed it!!! 2900 words of Bucky/Steve porn and angst!

Crap, looks like my userpics have run out *pouts* I'm too lazy to get them back just now. Going to go revel in the joy of writing awhile longer...

Yep, pointless post was pointless, just wanted to spew my squee somewhere...
01 May 2015 @ 08:36 pm
Who would you recruit...

So, the world is being invaded by aliens. And no, not the Chitauri (or however you spell it) but nasty, ugly, ruthless aliens all led by Thanos himself and his Infinity Gauntlet. And you, you're in charge of bringing together a team of SEVEN heroes or reformed villains in order to stop him once and for all. So who do you choose to save the world, and potentially the universe?

1. Your team can be comprised of Marvel and DC characters, with the exception of TWO reformed villains.

2. NO Thane. NO ultrapowered entities that can reverse reality or alter it in anyway, I'm talking to you Scarlet Witch.

3. You must state who's leading the team and the reason you chose each member.

Captain America (team leader) – tactics, knows how to fight a war and been through plenty of battles, leadership skills, ability to keep Stark and Hulk in line (at least somewhat)

Ironman – firepower, genius, likes to blow shit up and press Cap’s buttons (and pretty much everyone else)

Magneto – there has gotta be a whole lot of metal in an invading alien force. Erik could go to town, crush them pesky alien ships before they even reach the ground. Plus it’d be amusing when Tony inevitably says something stupid and pisses Erik off.

Hulk – Hulk, SMASH!! Need I say more, plus you know, science bros with Tony…kill em with science!!!

Wolverine – cannon fodder, every battle needs cannon fodder, helps if said fodder keeps getting back up! And I think Logan would get a kick out of watching Erik and Tony piss each other off.

Winter Soldier – as a sniper can cover everyone’s back and is one brutal fighter, could also see him and Wolverine in the thick of it, plus when Steve inevitable gets his arse into way too much trouble, you know Buck’s gonna save said arse.

Superman - *token DC team member…lol, no, he’s superman, dudes got a pretty diverse skill set, plus I just want to see someone *coughTonycough* make fun of no one recognising him when he puts on his cunning disguise, though secretly Tony digs nerd glasses.
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28 April 2015 @ 08:58 pm
Title: Faded (but not gone)
Author: fate_incomplete
Rating: R
Warnings: Sex, little bit of angst, hurt/comfort
Characters: Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers
Word Count: 1,760
Summary: The marks from Bucky's injuries over the years had all faded, but it sometimes felt like they were still there, underneath the skin. They both carried scars that couldn't been seen. It's easier to remember them while lying next to Steve.

A/N: Not exactly the angsty PWP I set out to write. More introspective, and maybe just a little bit sad and fluffy at the same time, but once again I'm am not arguing with my muse when this is only the second thing I have written this year.

Bucky watched numbly as the needle slipped in Steve fingers...Collapse )

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21 April 2015 @ 07:55 pm
Things have been pretty busy of late. After a month at my new job, I finished up today and start another new job Thursday. A much better job with a much better pay rate. *insert happy dance* I will be back doing GIS work for one of the Local Council's and actually using my degree. Only issue is its an hour drive to where I'll be working, but it pays double what I was getting which more than makes up for it. It is technically only a temp job, but with good odds it will become long term. So I'm back to full time work, and fingers crossed everything will stay stable for awhile.

Poor hubby has nearly been getting more shifts at the hospital than he can handle the last couple of weeks, pulling double shifts etc. Which is hell on him, but at least our bills are getting taken care of and we will hopefully be able to actually start building some savings back up over the next few months. All in all, six months after our move and I am finally starting to feel settled and can see how happy we will be in our new house now the stress is starting to lessen.

Finished watching Daredevil last night and I really enjoyed it. Loved the darker feel and the screen time given to actually flesh the bad guys out rather than just have cardboard cut out baddies that seem all too common. I loved Matt, loved the look they gave him with the black shirt and hood. Loved all of the side characters, good and bad. Loved Matt. Pretty much just loved everything.

Now if I can just get my muse to come back from wherever the hell she's disappeared to for months I'll be happy. My resolution to read more books this year has stalled too. I read 17 books in two months, then none for two months, not going to make my goal of 52 books this year at that rate. Damn Marvel fics are really distracting, and addictive...