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Spn character showdown thingy, pinched from cassiopeia7...suprisingly accurate for me...well the second time anyway, when I resisted using the 'I like both' button

Rank Name
1 Dean Winchester
2 Castiel
3 Bobby Singer
4 Sam Winchester
5 Crowley
6 Balthazar
7 Benny Lafitte
8 Lucifer
9 Death (the horseman)
10 Ellen Harvelle
11 Gabriel
12 Charlie Bradbury
13 Jo Harvelle
14 Chuck Shurley
15 Lilith
16 Adam Milligan
17 Kevin Tran
18 Michael
19 Rufus Turner
20 Ruby
21 Jimmy Novak
22 Gadreel(/Ezekiel)
23 Cain
24 Jody Mills
25 John Winchester
26 Raphael
27 Azazel
28 Meg
29 Tessa (the reaper)
30 Samandriel
31 Bela Talbot
32 Linda Tran
33 Alistair
34 Zachariah
35 Garth Fitzgerald III
36 Cole Trenton (lol)
37 Mary Winchester
38 Krissy Chambers
39 Sarah Blake
40 Naomi
41 Frank Deveraux
42 The Impala
43 Claire Novak
44 Victor Henricksen
45 Samuel Campbell
46 Uriel
47 Jessica Moore
48 Amelia Novak
49 Anna Milton
50 Metatron
51 Abaddon
52 Ed Zeddmore & Harry Spengler (Ghostfacers)
53 Hannah
54 Donna Hanscum
55 Ben Braeden
56 Rachel
57 Lisa Braeden
58 Gordon Walker
59 Kate (the werewolf)
60 Christian Campbell
61 Gwen Campbell
62 The Alpha Vampire (from S6)
63 Becky Rosen
64 The Styne Family
65 Dick Roman
66 Bartholomew
67 Amelia Richardson
68 Rowena

Not sure Balthazar is in the right spot, but apart from that...I could agree with this.

I just finished season Three of my first Spn rewatch in about two years, could be three I'm not sure. I always love that I fall in love with Dean every time I go back and do a rewatch, and then Castiel when he comes along. It's a strange sort of comfort to go back to it after so long, and feel that familar emotion the show wraps you in. It's been a long road, bumpy at times in later seasons, but a hell of a trip.  I've moved onto other fandoms over the last couple of years, but going back makes me nostalgic for the show that introduced me to fandom, LJ, slash and writing fic. I've missed these characters and feeling part of the active community that was here on LJ.

...and now I'm feeling all maudalin.

Time to put on my favourite season and soak up the joy...oh wait this spn...wallow in the beautiful man pain is perhaps more apt?

On a mostly unrelated note...just realised I've hit the 200 mark for bookmarked fics on AO3, added to the 140 odd I had here on LJ, that's a whole lot of fic, considering I bookmark, what? 1 in 10 fics I read? Lets say a total of 2000 fics at an average of 10,000 words per fic...that's 20,000,000 words of fanfic I've read over the last five years....so what...the equivilant of 200 books? No wonder hubby says I read too much.

About 110 each for Supernatural (Dean/Cas) and Teen Wolf (Derek/Stiles) fics
50 Captain America (Steve/Bucky)
30 Xmen (Charles/Erik)
20 odd each for Doctor Who and Sherlock fics
Tags: kim is being random, long winded rambling, sometimes you just need porn, spn owns my soul, this is me muttering to myself, warning: pointlessness ahead, what?...i'm so not procrastinating
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